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Stunning Swedish Apartment Mixing Classic and Modern Elements

Swedish Apartment with a mix of classic and modern elements
Scandinavian interior style is often a lovely mix of classic and modern elements. I just love that. It always creates such an interesting atmosphere. This Swedish apartment represents this concept beautifully. The apartment itself has maintained...
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As much as I love a gallery wall there is something to be said for restraint. The pictures on the walls of this Stockholm apartment are few but they have a huge impact to the tranquil and calm tone of the home. Sometimes in our quest to surround ourselves with beautiful objects, we forget the beauty of negative space. I'm particularly drawn to...
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Modern Scandinavian Style in an Historic Setting



Scandinavian apartment

The original details of this 1885 Swedish apartment melt my heart. Scandinavian decor works beautifully in historic buildings. With the stucco work on the ceilings, the high skirtings, large windows, and massive double doors that lead into the apartment, not to mention the huge balcony overlooking the courtyard, what's not to love!


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