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Small Swedish Apartment With Pops of Colour

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Swedish style apartment with pops of colour
Colourful painting in dining area of Swedish home Small Swedish aparment Bed tucked away in small Swedish apartmentBed tucked away in a small Swedish apartmentdetail in a small Swedish apartmentdetail of small Swedish apartmentGalley kitchen in small Swedish apartmentKitchen of a small swedish apartmentYellow backsplash in small Swedish apartmentBalcony off the kitchen of a small apartment in Sweden

So much style packed into such a small space. This Stockholm apartment is compact, not more than 33 meters squre, but it feels much more spacious. The classic strategy of light walls and flooring are employed to keep things harmonious The pops of yellows, greens and pinks create interest while making things warm and cosy.  That wonderful oversized painting above the dining table centres the focus of the flat. I love how it's positioned on the wall, almost as if the woman in the painting is seated at the table. The creative use of space, helps to compartmentalize the studio. The dining table easily extends to accomodate more guests. The wardrobe, which is the same colour as the wall, acts as a divider. And although the bed fits in snuggly between the wall and the wardrobe, it is a perfect way to give the sense of a separte sleeping nook.  Here, as in most Scandinavian homes,  you will find vintage and classic items that add soul to any space.


photos via Historiska Hem