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Cool and Causal Swedish Style

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Via: Historiska Hem Photo: Boukari 

 There is just something about this home. It's a little busier than most homes you see on Scandinavian blogs but it has true Nordic character. It's playful, full of personality, unpretentious and lived-in. the homeowners take chances with colour, pattern and furniture based not only on their style but the home itself.  Just as with typical Scandinavian style you can see that mix of vintage, modern, high-end and thrift. Can you spot the Ikea? I love how the raw Ivar cabinets are mounted high on the wall above Ikea's rattan Stockholm Cabinet. Another set of cabinets are mounted high but painted out to match the wall colour. As well, there is the lovely dinning table is from Ikea's Sinnerlig collection designed by Ilse Crawford. Menu's modern shelving system fits in beautifully with the vintage furniture finds.  What about the light fixture in the kitchen? Just brilliant. All the elements come together to create a home that not only feels cosy and comfortable but it feels attainable.