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Modern Scandinavian Style in an Historic Setting

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 Götenborg Style 

Modern Scandinavian in an Historic Setting

 The original details of this 1885 Swedish apartment melt my heart. Scandinavian decor works beautifully in historic buildings. With the stucco work on the ceilings, the high skirtings, large windows, and massive double doors that lead into the apartment, not to mention the huge balcony overlooking the courtyard, what's not to love!  Located just outside of Götenburg, this apartment exudes charm and calm. Although I usually go for white walls, the soft grey-green in the living room is subtle enough to blend beautifully with the modern furniture and decor.  Wish I could pull off draping some some fabric over a couch as tastefully as it's done here. I'm also impressed with the pop of graphic wall paper in the hall. Oh I could go on...


Swedish Livingroom
Detail from a Swedish Livingroom
Lovely Swedish Dining Room

Detail from a dining room shelf


Sideboard in dinning room of historic Swedish apartment
Scandinavian style bedroom in historic Swedish apartment
Cozy Scandinavian kitchen in historic Swedish apartment
cozy Scandinavian style kitchen in historic Swedish apartment
Entry way in historic Swedish apartment
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