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Ferm Living

Photo of Trine Andersen of FERM Living Trine Andersen

Meet Trine Andersen

 Trine Andersen founded Ferm LIVING, a Danish-based design company that is rooted in Scandinavian design traditions of simple aesthetics. What started off as a graphic design firm in 2005 evolved to include wallpaper when Trine couldn’t find the wallpaper with the crisp graphic design she had envisioned. So she created it. The response worldwide was overwhelming and since then the firm has continued to add a wide range of interior products to its collection.

 The designs are Scandianvian in nature with a distinct ode to architecture, Bauhaus, and bold graphic lines. There is a very personal aspect to Ferm LIVING, evolving along with Trine’s own path as she was motivated to grow the business parallel to her own life. For example, adding a range of items for children after she became a parent. “Everyday life is my inspiration”

Trine says, “The name “ferm” was actually inspired by my grandmother. When she said that someone was “ferm på fingrene” (skilled with their hands), it was high praise indeed. I like to think that she would approve of the ferm LIVING range; it is modern, but also has a reassuring homelike quality- and we try to make sure that every piece is made well.”


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