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Nordic Style

 Scandinavian Style Höst Restaurant and Menu
Image of Høst restaurant in Copenhagen DK.  With collaboration with Menu A/S and Norm Architects, Høst has won "World's Best Designed Restaurant" 


What is it about Scandinavian style that makes us feel calm and comfortable? It’s not just the style; it’s the life style. It’s about embracing the small luxuries, using the good plates every day, finding the beauty in the imperfections, creating daily rituals and cultivating that life/work balance. A Scandinavian home is not about how much you own, it’s about the beauty of the details and the fine craftsmanship of the few things you do have. It’s about an appreciation for the past and its place in the present. It’s about a love of nature that infuses most Nordic designs and homes. It’s the pursuit of hygge. If you don’t know that word yet… you will.


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