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Grand Living in a Swedish Apartment

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Grand Living Swedish style - living room
Grand Living in Sweden Kitchen
Swedish Grand Living
View from a Grand Swedish Home
Living space in a Grand Swedish Home
Spectacular Ceiling in a Grand Home in Sweden
Looking out to the terrace from Grand Swedish Home
Bedroom with a terrace in Swedish Home
Hallway of Grand Home
Bedroom in Grand Swedish Home
Grand Swedish Home TV Room
Entryway of Grand Swedish Home
T.V room of Grand Swedish Home
Night View | Grand Swedish Home
Evening on the terrace in Grand Swedish Home
Floor plan grand living Swedish Villa
Wow right? Now exhale. I try not to post on homes that are way beyond anything the average person can achieve but I just thought this was something so completely different from what we expect from Scandinavian style that I just had to share. I cannot contribute much to this post but just wanted you to enjoy the view. Built in 1929 the 105 sq. metre apartment has spectacular details and stunning views over the sound. Enjoy!