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Cosy Scandinavian Home with Personality

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Scandi Kitchen with stainless cupboards
Kitchen in colourful Scandi home
Wonderful wallpaper in Scandi style kitchen
Scandi kitchen with cosy wallpaper
Swedish kitchen detail
Looking into the Kitchen in Stylish Scandi apartment
Living room in Swedish home with lots of colour
Cosy Swedish living room with personality
Beautiful detail in Colourful Swedish home
Entryway of cosy Swedish apartment
Details of things collected in Swedish apartment
Beautiful colourful prints in Swedish home
Swedish living room with personality
Swedish living room with beautiful white tile stove
Entrance of Swedish home with personality
Cosy Swedish bedroom
Swedish Bedroom with gorgeous wall paper
Beautiful wall paper makes Swedish bedroom cosy
I am in love with this home! It is just so comfortable and cosy. I often show homes on the blog that have a more minimalist style but there is something about beautiful things that can just make a home. If you follow my blogs you know that I am all about the mix of modern and traditional or vintage and this home does it with such perfection and ease. The kitchen with its stainless steel cabinets together with traditional wallpaper and other period details. The colour splashes in the living room are fun and refreshing. The little displays of collected beauty and the quirky unexpected prints add to the charm of this inviting home. That bedroom wallpaper though! Right? It's definitely making me re-think my white walls. What about you? Are you inspired to put up some paper on a wall or two?