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Living room in a calm Stockholm apartment
Ikea cabinets beautifully used in Stockholm apartment
Cozy yellow couch in Stockholm apartment
Detail of beautifully tiled stove in Stockholm apartment
Cosy yellow sofa in Swedish apartment
Large bright windows in Stockholm apartment
Tablescape in Swedish apartment
Aalto dinning table in a cosy Stockholm apartment
Small but efficient kitchen counter
Minimalist kitchen counter in Stockholm apartment
muted grey tones in Swedish kitchen
Bathroom with classic white tiles and Carrera marble
Calm serene bedroom in Stockholm
 Husman Hasburg 

I absolutely love this beautifully decorated 18th C Stockholm apartment! The muted grey tones contribute to the warmth and spacious feeling of this 59 sq. m. home. I would never have believed that a yellow sofa would work but here I can't think of any other colour that would fit better. It just looks so welcoming in this space. The beautifully tiled living room stove and the pale wooden floors and furnishing also add to the calm and cosiness of the room. Space is relatively limited but the "built-in" bookshelves, the hanging Ikea cabinets and the open metal shelving take care of storage but do not feel crowded.

The kitchen is with Ikea cabinets. The bare walls above the counter create an open feeling but there is no lack of storage as there is a bank of cabinets along the adjoining wall. The chalky greys are complimented by the warm tones of the Alvar Aalto table and chairs. I love that they kept the raw plaster on the ceilings and walls, it really adds to the charm of the room. 

The bathroom is beautiful and simple with classic white square tiles and Carrera marble floors and a lovely large window that allows lots of light. The bedroom is a simple minimalist space that is calm and serene; just what you need a bedroom to be. 

I am ready to move in! Is there something special that you like about it?