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Stunning Turn-of-the-Century Home in Stockholm

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Scandinavian style interior in Swedish Turn-of-the-century apartment3 scandinavian interior surbrunnsgatan 3scandinavian style balcony surbrunnsgatan 4 swedish interior living room surbrunnsgatan 4
 Scandinavian Style apartment living room surbrunnsgatan 2scandinavian interior apartment with stunning turn-of-the-century detail 11swedish style interior surbrunnsgatan swedish style apartment living room surbrunnsgatan 7swedish style coffee table surbrunnsgatan 8scandinavian style apartment surbrunnsgatan 9 Scandinavian style with turn-of-the-century detail 10 surbrunnsgatan scandinavian style bedroom surbrunnsgatan 13scandinavian style bedroom in swedish apartment surbrunnsgatanscandinavian style bedroom in swedish apartment surbrunnsgatan 15scandinavian style bedroom in swedish apartment surbrunnsgatan 16Stunning Stockholm Apartment detail 12scandinavian style kitchen in swedish apt. surbrunnsgatan 18scandinavian style kitchen in stunning swedish apt. surbrunnsgatan 20
via Alvhem 

How stunning is this turn-of-the-century apartment in Stockholm? I can't get past the wonderful detail of the moulding. The apartment is set in soft monochromatic tones that allow that gorgeous nude sofa to take centre stage in the living room. And those chairs in the kitchen? How perfect? Such a comfortable setting don't you think?