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We are on the hunt for a christmas tree today and I'm very inspired by the trees and alternative trees that I've seen around the blogosphere and pinterest. 

Christmas trees

Christmas tree in a basket

Tall skinny Christmas tree

Small Christmas tree in a bucket

Christmas Tree in a Basket with Presents in Baskets

Small Christmas Tree in a Paper Bag Tied with String A Few Small Christmas Trees in Paper Bags

Tree Branch Decorated For Chirstmas

Tree Branches in Glass Jars

Tree Branch Serves as a Christmas Tree


What is the perfect Christmas tree? Although in past years we would buy the largest tree that we could fit in the house, these last couple of years we've been trending down and this year we will be going decidedly smaller.  A potted tree would be ideal for me but I'm not too hopeful about finding one this year. Should it sit on the floor or should it be small enough to rest on a table top? Short and fat or tall and skinny? One mid size tree or a cluster of smaller ones?  I love the idea of the basket bases. Equally as nice is the brown paper or linen wrap. I'm also loving the bare tree branches decorated to serve as a tree, but I would miss the smell of the pine and the pop of green. What I do know is that I don't want one that is perfectly symmetrical or a perfect cone shape. I'm looking for one that is perfectly imperfect. My "Charlie Brown" tree. What is your idea of the perfect tree?