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Cosy Swedish Apartment with Soft Greys + Muted Jewel Tones

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Swedish style apt with lovely green sofa
Beautiful green sofa in lovely Swedish aptartment
Swedish apartment in Greys and Greens
Gallery Wall in Swedish Dining Area
Stockholm Apartment in Greys with Muted Jewel Tones
Lovely Grey Kitchen in Stockholm Apartment
Gallery Wall in Swedish Apartment
Kitchen in Light Grey in Lovely Swedish Apartment
Details of Lovely Swedish Apartment
A Peek into the Bedroom of Lovely Stockholm Apartment
Bedroom of Lovely Swedish Apartment in Greys
Details of Lovely Stockholm Apartment with Muted Jewel Tones
Minimalist Bedroom in Stockholm Apartment
Small Bedroom in Lovely Stockholm Apartment
Stockholm Apartment in Light Greys with a Beautiful Green Sofa
via: Svenskfast; Foto: Kronfoto;  styling: Scandinavian Homes 

How calming is this Stockholm apartment with beautiful soft greys throughout? Even the kitchen and sideboard cupboards blend into the walls with the same light grey colour. The few decorative items that are scattered around are mostly black, which also contributes to the calming unified look. I just love the use of muted jewel tones in that beautiful green sofa and ottoman. The patternless cushions are also lovely additions of colour. Check out H&M for simple velvet and linen cushions like these. I don't have curtains in my home but I  re-think that every time I see drapes like the ones in the bedrooms. They just add such elegance. 

I have always loved the mix of old world and modern. The period details of the trim and high ceilings combined with modern furnishings and lighting is always so interesting. As with many Scandinavian homes, there is also a mix of affordable and high-end products. The Ikea shadeless floor lamp is a terrific piece to add a budget-friendly light statement. I am falling for that decidedly higher-end IC floor lamp by Flos. Fortunately for me, I don't think I have the space for it. Beautiful choices of black and white prints for the gallery wall, (including two of my favourite Via Martine model photos "Backside" and "Face"). The collection adds interest without taking all the attention of the room. 

What do you think? Don't you just want to move right in? I do.