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Here I go again. I guess I have this thing for compact apartments. This 25 metre square apartment has captured my heart. It is not only charming but it feels so open and spacious despite its size. I am in awe because not only are there the obvious necessities but there is also room for decorous elements, even in that micro kitchen! 
Kitchen/dining area in compact Swedish apartment
Charming Dining Area of Compact Swedish Apartment
Micro Kitchen of Charming Swedish Apartment
Living area of Micro Swedish Apartment
Relaxing living room of micro Swedish apartment
Beautiful sideboard of micro Swedish apartment
Styled by Joanna Bagge /photos: Jonas Berg for Stadshem 
What helps to hold it together is the calming neutral tones of light grey and wood.  I love and admire every element of this space. The gorgeous mirror above the sofa is not only decorative but it allows light to bounce around. How about that over-sized light fixture in the living room? And the warm tones that the warm wood of the dining table and chairs bring to the space? This apartment is simply perfect! What do you think? Is this a size that would appeal to you?