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Casual Cosy Swedish Apartment in Grey and White

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Charming Swedish living room in greys and white
Gorgeous black antique cabinet in Swedish apt.
Living room in Cosy Swedish apartment
Beautiful livingroom in greys and white
Spacious kitchen in Swedish apartment
Swedish style in grey and white apartment
Gorgeous Swedish kitchen in grey and white
Grey and white in charming Swedish apartment
Grey and white kitchen with Scandinavian style
grey and white Scandinavian kitchen
spacious Scandinavian kitchen in grey and white
black and white floral print in Swedish apartment
a peek at the beautiful Scandi kitchen
Lovely soft green walls in the bedroom
Pretty child's room in soft greys and blush
Child's room in greys and white Scandi style
Perfect pink on this bedroom door
minimalist entryway of charming Swedish apartment
A spacious entry to a charming Scandinavian home
photo by Anders Bergstedt for via: entrance makleri

This Swedish home just feels so relaxed. The serene colours of mostly greys and white set a calm and cosy scene. Any additional colour comes from a couple of cushions, the wood furnishings, a touch of brass and the greenery throughout. I have always been a big fan of mixing vintage with modern and this apartment does it beautifully. The very modern light fixtures work beautifully in this period apartment. I love that wonderful vintage shelf unit in the living room - just perfect for the space.  Isn't that spacious kitchen just perfect?  I will soon be jumping on that "no upper cabinets" trend. As soon as I get a certain someone to commit to taking on the task. I look forward to the gained sense of uncluttered space.  How about that colour of the door in the child's room? Just perfect. I could see myself moving in here today. How about you?