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KItchen in Swedish apartment Birka
Serene kitchen in Stockholm Window detail in Stockholm kitchen
Stockholm kitchen Birkagatan
Beautiful storage detail  in Swedish Kitchen
Living room of Swedish apartment Birkagatan

Living room corner of Stockholm apartment Brikagatan
Detail of Living room in Swedish apartment Brikagatan
Small bedroom in Stockholm apartment Birkagatan
Lovely closet space in Swedish apartment
Tiny bathroom in Swedish apartment Birkagatan
Entrance way of Swedish apartment Birkagartan
Entrance in Stockholm apartment Birkagatan
Fantastic Frank 

I just love the calming muted tones of this Stockholm apartment. I love everything about it from the chalky-white walls, the high ceilings with detailed crown moulding and of course the traditional wooden floors. The kitchen is a lovely study in spartan. The touch of nature from the wood of the table and chairs to the white marble countertop help to add the cozy factor. The long-armed light fixture adds a streamlined sculptural element that just works beautifully in the room. Although there is not much traditional cupboard space the recessed cabinets along the wall make up for it in spades. Just gorgeous.

That sofa fits perfectly in the corner of the living room creating a cozy nook. And the biggest splash of colour is the room is the rug which just seems to ground the space.  I really admire the restraint of wall decoration which adds to the calm of the apartment. 

What do you think? Is this a space you could call home?