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Silke Bonde

Blue World Print


 From the Looking Closer Collection 

Taking inspiration, in true Scandinavian style, from the nature around her Silke has a created a stunning collection of prints that simply feel good. Using the colour palette of the blues and greens of the north, the Looking Closer series of prints asks us to stop and take a close-up look at nature and the patterns of nature that surround us. The Blue World print in this collection zooms out for a more encompassing view of the world. 

“The Blue world map is about getting an overview and to see the world as a whole. We are all living on the same planet and we live our lives in the same nature that is why we have to appreciate it and take good care of it. The “Blue world” artwork is made to encourage you to go out and explore the world and to discover it’s differences”.- Silke 

DESIGNER:  Silke Bonde        
Printed on 200g Multi-design white paper 
DIMENSIONS: 100 x 70cm (39.37 x 27.55 inches) 
SHIPPING: In stock and dispatched within 2 business days

The artwork is sold unframed and carefully packaged in a cardboard tube