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Normann Copenhagen

MInimalist Nocto Candleholder



A new take on the classic chamber candlestick. Whether on your coffee table or nightstand or traveling to and from, Nocto helps create a cozy atmosphere. 

Nocto is a minimalistic candle holder with a modern design and a strong visual expression. The Swedish designer, Pontus Ny, has reinterpreted the classic chamber candlestick and stripped the design to the bone. Just like the classic chamber candle holder, Nocto has a handle that makes it easy to move. the name itself refers to the original's function - to provide light at night.


BRAND: Normann Copenhagen 

MATERIAL: Painted Zinc
COLOURS: Pink, Strong Black
DIMENSIONS: h: 6 cm, l: 12cm, d: 10.2cm
SHIPPING: In stock and dispatched within 1-2 business days 

GOOD TO KNOW: Make sure to blow out the candle before burning down to the ring  to avoid staining. Clean with a damp cloth.