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Normann Copenhagen

Flag Candlestick | Silver


Normann Copenhagen


FLAG is a minimalist and fun candlestick with a firm geometric expression. Created by Swedish designer Jonas Wagell it is a modern interpretation of the classical chamber candlestick. Inspired by signal flags on buoys at sea, Wagell has designed a beautiful candlestick with a classic expression that would suit any interior style. 

“I was inspired by the language used at sea, where small flags on buoys warn and inform sailors. The base of the candlestick resembles a floating buoy and the little handle a semaphore flag. In the same way as the buoys, the Flag candlestick attracts attention and creates light.” - Jonas Wagell

DESIGNER: Jonas Wagell
BRAND: Normann Copenhagen
DIMENSIONS: H:9cm x Ø: 10,3 cm
SHIPPING: In stock and available to ship within 2 business days