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Normann Copenhagen

Amp Lamp Small - Gold/Green



Normann Copenhagen's Amp Lamp is inspired by old tube amplifiers. Designed by Danish designer Simon Legald, the lamp is distinctly modern but yet retains a nostalgic appeal. The use of glass a with a marble creates a beautiful juxtaposition of materials that is highlighted by the stunning glow of the decorative bulb. 

Legald pays attention to details in his designs often by not adding them. In his designs, the function is often exposed. "For me honesty describes the true identity of objects. By highlighting the techniques necessary for the structure of the product, and making it a visual part of my design. Therefor I design with both craftsmanship and industry in mind." - Legald

Although the Amp is a piece of artwork on its own, it does not take up too much visual space and does not interfere with other decor elements in a room. The lamps look elegant individually but also work beautifully in groups. Hang one in your hallway or in the corner of your living room or cluster them over your dining room table. 

Good to know: 
The Amp Lamps come with a matching 4m textile cord and a canopy in a matching colour. Comes with a carbon filament bulb which can be purchased separately. Clean with a damp cloth.