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New Norm Mini Bottle | Haze




Menu's New Norm Bottle is a part of the popular dinnerware collection by the Danish design duo, Norm Architects. With a clean, simple and pure design so characteristic of the Nordic style, and with a choice of muted Scandinavian colours this bottle just feels good on any tablescape.  With a range of sizes and colours, you can mix and match with the rest of the New Norm series or choose to stick with one colour.

Do not save these for special occasions! Enjoy it every day for your morning milk, cream or juice. Have it as your go-to water jug or wine decanter.  They are made to withstand restaurant use. 

New Norm Dinnerware is isostatically pressed to produce restaurant-level quality and reliability. The flexible colours and materials allow you to go classic white and crisp, rough and rustic, or colourful and casual on a whim.


New Norm and Höst

The well renowned Copenhagen restaurant Höst acts as a playground and test area for the New Norm dinnerware series. The collection has thus constantly evolved and grown covering the needs of a restaurant and a private household. 


Good to Know: 
Höst has already won three international design awards, including the award for the World’s Best-Designed Restaurant at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. Ok, by the way, they also have an amazing menu. So if you are ever in Copenhagen, Höst is a must do. 

"Restaurant Höst expresses everything that could be categorized as “Nordic”, and is the exquisite result of clashes: romantic yet modern, urban yet rural and rustic yet simplistic. It holds a very special place in people’s hearts because of its multiple stories, mixed inspirations and materials."

DESIGNER: Norm Architect 
DIMENSIONS:  Height 15.5cm   (6in)
VOLUME: 35cl (12oz) 
MATERIAL: Porcelain 
SHIPPING: In stock and dispatched within 1-2 business days