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MOEBE Wall Mirror | Brass


Simply Scandinavian. This stunning mirror reflects all that encompasses Scandinavian design. It is functional, beautiful, well designed and well crafted. WALL MIRROR is formed from a single piece of mirror glass held by a lightweight metal wire form.

The contrasting properties of the two components - solid and permeable, light and heavy - are what give the design its character.

The world is complex enough already.
"At MOEBE we design, we produce and we keep things simple. We focus on the essentials, try to stay curious and keep our thoughts analogue. We strive to reduce our designs to their most simple forms. Thereby creating intuitive and honest products" - MOEBE

DIMENSIONS:  Ø 30cm, 50cm and 70cm 
MATERIALS: Solid brass, glass mirror
SHIPPING: Usually shipped within 2-4 business days