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 Pinch by MOEBE

Scandinavian simplicity, utility, and beauty are all captured in this intriguing clip created by the Copenhagen-based design brand MOEBE. It consists only of two pieces of solid oak and a single rubber band. Featuring an extra hole to hang the clip with a pin on the wall. Pinch is perfect for almost any room in the home. Use it in the entryway, the kitchen, your office, or your bedroom. Should the rubber band need replacing, simply use most any rubber band you have lying around.  

The world is complex enough already.
At MOEBE we design, we produce and we keep things simple. We focus on the essentials, try to stay curious and keep our thoughts analogue. We strive to reduce our designs to their most simple forms. Thereby creating intuitive and honest products. - MOEBE


MATERIAL: Solid Oak; rubber band
DIMENSION: 4 x 10cm
SHIPPING: In stock and shipped within 2 business days