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Normann Copenhagen

Heima Plate


Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen's candleholder collection, Heima, pays tribute to the Nordic traditions. The textured surface contrasts perfectly with softly rounded shapes. Designed by Francis Cayouette, Heima helps create that cozy atmosphere we are all striving for.

According to Nordic mythology Heima means ‘home’ or ‘the world’. The Nordic tradition of using candlelight is the essence behind Heima, which won the prestigious design prize IF Product Design Award 2010.

“The concept of ‘coziness’ varies from person to person. For me the Nordic tradition of using candlelight is synonymous with coziness." -Designer Francis Cayouette

 This plate is designed to hold a variety from the Heima collection. It fits perfectly with the 4-armed candlestick. It can also be used on its own by the door as a catchall for keys and coins. 

DESIGNER: Francis Cayouette
DIMENSIONS: Ø: 23cm; H: 2cm
SHIPPING: In stock and dispatched within 1-2 business days 

GOOD TO KNOW:  Clean your Heima by placing it upside down on baking paper in the oven at 180º C/ 350º F for about 10 minutes. Be careful - it will be hot!