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Atelier Cph

Abstract Construction Print


 Atelier Cph x The Poster Club 

What a stunning abstract print by Copenhagen-based Atelier CPH in collaboration with The Poster Club. Elements of hand-painted shapes and shades of grey are layered to create this gorgeous, complex piece that will fit in beautifully with your gallery wall but it will also look stunning on its own. 

"We explored different styles from cubism to abstract sculptures. The inspiration for the limited collection is found in contrasting materials and sculptures where the human face gets interpreted in an abstract way" - Atelier Cph



DESIGNER: Atelier Cph for The Poster Club 
MATERIAL: printed on 200g uncoated Munken Pure paper
SIZE: 40cm x 30xm / 50cm x 70cm 
SHIPPING: In stock and shipped within 2 business days.