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Permild and Rosengreen

Model 1930


 Model 1930 is a striking print from the works of Vilhelm Lundstrøm (1893 - 1950), one of Denmarks most famous modernist painters. Painted in the cubist style that Lundstrøm is most famous for, emphasizing the flattened two-dimensionality of the canvas. There is a calm, intimate simplicity in his expression.  

Made in Denmark 

ARTIST: Vilhelm Lundstøm 


SIZE: 50cm x 70cm 
* Sold unframed 
MATERIAL: 230g matte FSC paper 
BRAND: Permild and Rosengreen


Ships from Toronto within 1-3 business days



Vilhelm Lundstrøm (1893-1950) is one of Denmarks most successful and beloved modernist paintings. Educated at the Royal Danish Academy of the Arts he later spent an extended period in France where he was influenced by Braque and Picasso. Lundstrøm is credited with bringing Cubism to Denmark. He is remembered for his geometric still lifes with jugs, books, and oranges and cubist scenes with nudes. His earlier works had a more simplistic palette that became more vibrant and complex in his later years.