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Paper Collective

Sketchbook Abstracts 01


Sketchbook Abstract 01 from the "Sketchbook Abstract" series one of my favourite modern designers, Jonas Wagell. 

"As an architect and product designer sketching is an integral part of the work process. This is how all projects begin. For me, sketching is a tool to achieve feedback on ideas. A tool to try out shapes and forms. It is intuitive, it is thinking on a piece of paper. My sketches are seldom refined, but often repeated and continuous in search of a specific expression or character, which I later replicate in CAD or with physical models.
For this illustration series for Paper Collective I have swiped through recent sketchbooks and selected a few of my favourite shapes and forms. With use of colours and textures, they have transformed into abstract, graphic volumes.
In parallel, the illustrations become an abstract — a summary — of my collected notes and inspiration from a certain sketchbook period. Therefore, the series is called — Sketchbook Abstracts."


ARTIST: Jonas Wagell for Paper Collective 

DIMENSIONS: 30cm x 40cm 

MATERIAL:200g uncoated, FSC certified, acid-free paper. Produced in Denmark under the Swan certification system

SHIPPING: In stock and ready to ship from Toronto