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Normann Copenhagen

Color Box | Assorted Colours

$106.00 $61.00

Color Box is a multi-functional storage unit in that it can be hung on the wall or stacked up on the floor in various ways. The shape of Color Box makes it useful for storage of vinyl records, books, magazines and other, smaller objects. 

Designed by Danish designer Henriette W. Leth for Normann Copenhagen, the Color Box is made of folded steel and is available in six different colors. Colours range from classic white and grey to discrete colors of rose, rust and green as well as a vibrant blue. You can create a feeling of peace and calm or a dynamic mood in the room depending on how you combine the colors.

"I became tired of looking at unattractive book covers on the shelves and therefore decided to find a solution which could not only contribute with some color in the room but also be a way to store things practically," - Henriette W. Leth 

DESIGNER: Henriette W. Leth
BRAND: Normann Copenhagen

MATERIAL: Powder coated steel

Height: 34 cm
Length: 26 cm
Depth: 17 cm

Although the boxes are stackable, they are not fastened to each other.
Screws and raw plugs are not included.
Clean with damp cloth.