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Moebe Frame | White



Simply Scandinavian. This beautiful oak frame, designed by Copenhagen-based design brand Moebe is simple, stylish, and versatile. The frame consists of 4 pieces of solid oak and two pieces of acrylic glass all held together by a silicon rubber band. Not only does the band hold the frame together, but it can also be used to hang it on your wall. You can frame your art prints, posters, pressed flowers, or some special memento you may want to keep near.

Made in the EU



Dispatches from Toronto within 3 business days 



Material:  Powder-Coated Aluminum, Acrylic, Rubber Band

A5: 23 x 16.8 x 1.2 (H x W x D)

A4: 31.7 x 23 x 1.2 (H x W x D)

A3: 44 x 31.7 x1.2 (H x W x D)

A2: 61.5 x 44 x 1.2 (H x W x D)



MOEBE is a Danish design studio that creates products, furniture, and interiors. Formed in 2014 by architects Martin de Neergaard Christensen, Nicholas Oldroyd and cabinet maker Anders Thams. 

MOEBE products are designed with modularity in mind, they are component-based and can be assembled, repaired and recycled with ease. They strive to reduce their designs to their most simple forms.

At MOEBE we design, we produce and we keep things simple. We focus on the essentials, try to stay curious and keep our thoughts analogue. We strive to reduce our designs to their most simple forms. Thereby creating intuitive and honest products.


"For Moebe great design is not just about creating a beautiful shape in the colour of the moment.

We just don't believe in single-use products, furniture that only suits a trend, or quality that doesn't last.

A great product has to be designed to last, to be repaired and easily recycled if and when that time (hopefully never) comes. It must be made using quality materials, produced in an honest way and never with a negative impact on people or our global environment.

We are passionate about design and interiors - and love seeing our ideas come to life. However, not all of our ideas make it. Often a design that we otherwise believe is fantastic can't be made in a good way or shipped efficiently. When this is the case, we simply won't make it. 

For that reason, we don’t have a huge collection. We present a few new designs yearly - that’s it."


watch the video on how to assemble your frame here.