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MOEBE Coat Rack - Black | Small


The Moebe Coat Rack is a customizable rack for your coats, towels, tea cloths, and other items. Drawing just a fine line on your wall, the rack ensures a clean look for your office, hallway, kitchen or bathroom.

Coat Rack consists of a metal rod and 4 pegs. The pegs slide on the rod and can be moved around as needed. Extra pegs can be added or removed according to the capacity needed. Plus you can install the rack alongside other racks in order to extend the system. 

This rack is also available in 70cm with 6 pegs. 
This rack is also available in Chrome 


SIZE: 40cm x 8cm (15.75" x 3.15") 
MATERIAL:   Matte Black Steel 
SHIPPING: In-stock and ships from Toronto