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Iris Hantverk

Face Brush



Add a touch of traditional Swedish craftsmanship to your daily routine with this handcrafted Face Brush from Stockholm-based Iris Hantverk. Visually impaired craftsmen expertly apply bundles of carefully selected horsehair to the well-crafted oiled oak handle. Horsehair is an excellent material for facial brushes as the hairs are durable and sturdy yet soft and supple with some elasticity. 

Use the brush wet with face lotion to remove dirt and makeup and to gently massage and exfoliate the skin. Gently use circular motions and avoid the eyes and mouth. 

As in the "old days", the idea that you make something that lasts is still standard form at Iris Hantverk. These bushes are made to age beautifully. 

Good to Know: Dry brush with bristles down to not allow water to rest on the oak. 

DESIGNER: Lovisa Wattman 
BRAND: Iris Hantverk 


MATERIAL: Horsehair, oak 
SIZE: 17.5cm 
CARE: Clean the brush by putting a small amount of your cleansing cream, mild shampoo or soap in your palm and circulate the brush, rinse and let dry bristles down


Ships from Toronto within 1-3 business days