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POV Wall Candleholder


Add Scandinavian style to your home with the POV Candleholder for your wall. Created by the Stockholm-based design studio Note, POV stands for Point of View. With this smart and playful candleholder, your point of view depends on where you stand. At some angles the candleholder seems like a flat graphical drawing but when you change your position the lines can appear to float in mid-air. They look great incorporated into your gallery wall but they also look stunning on their own. You can also have fun and display them in groups creating graphical patterns on the wall. And when the candles are lit they add an extra dimension of cosy. 


BRAND: Audo (Formerly Menu) 

MATERIAL: Powder-coated steel 
COLOUR: Black 
DIMENSIONS: w: (vertices) 22cm (8.3") 
                         w: (sides) 18.5cm (7.3") 
                         d: 10.5cm (4.1")
SHIPPING: In stock and dispatched from Toronto within 1-2 business days