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Permild and Rosengreen

A Slice of Mourning Iris


A classic in its own time, this print was created from a detail of a 17th-century painting from SMK (Denmarks National Museum for Art)  It's a 'slice' from one of the works in the 17th-century Gottofer Codex, painted by Hans Simon Holzbecker.

The deep burgundy of the iris and the wonderfully detailed brushstrokes combine to create a stunning print. The added text "Udsnit af Sørge Iris", Danish for "Slice of Mourning Iris" adds a distinctly contemporary touch to this historical work that will fit in beautifully with any modern home. 

Printed in Denmark 


SIZE: 50cm x 70cm 
MATERIAL: 230g matte FSC paper 


Ships from Toronto within 1-3 business days 


The Gottofer Codex (1649-1659) was four-volume work commissioned by Frederick III, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp in 1649 to paint and record the array of plants from the Ducal gardens at Gorttop Castle. The illustrations were painted by Hans Simon Holzbecker of Hamburg in gouache on veal vellum.  The books consisted of 365 pages and 1180 different plants. The Codex belongs to the Danish National Museum for Art, with its acquisition listed as from the spoils of war. 



Flowers and World Views 2013
"The exhibition delved into a period where mankind was poised between two views on the world - a symbolic and a rather more scientific approach - and shed light on how this clash is evident through the art of flower painting. 

With Gottofer Codex firmly planted at the core of the exhibition, the show related the story of how 17th and 18th-century artists portrayed flowers. Flower painting has always been an art form in a state of constant change because the artists' renditions of flowers and plants are contingent on history and how the artists view the world."