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Malmo apartment with with subtle green

Malmo apartment Beautiful dark blue sofa Cosy navy blue sofa Dining table in Malmo apartment stylish bookshelf over doorwaycalming bookshelf in Malmo apartment itchen with touch of soft greenDetail of Nyrtorget kitchen cozy kitchen table in Swedish apartment Lovely linen sheets Bedroom view in Malmo Feature wall of black in Malmo bedroom Entrance in Malmo Apt Charming Balcony in Malmovia: Historika Hem |  photo: Fredric Boukari 

Such charming Swedish style. I just love this home! It feels so cosy and personal.  The apartment has many interesting objects and accessories but it still feels very uncluttered and comfortable. I love the touches of the muted grey-green and brass that echo throughout, and I particularly covet that gorgeous dark blue sofa! It seems to complete and anchor the space don't you think? Did you notice the lovely collection of mirrors that are found around the home?. How about the wrap-around bookshelf? I could move in tomorrow.