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Cosy Scandi-Boho Style in Stockholm Apartment

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Scandi-boho apartment in Stockholm
Scandi-boho apt. in Stockholm 2Dining area of Scandi-Boho apt.
Scandi-boho apartment in Stockholm
Scand-Boho apartment in Stockholm 4
Scandi-boho apartment in Stockholm 5
Scandi-boho dining room in Stockholm apt.
Scandi-boho apartment in Stockholm
Kitchen in Scandi-Boho apartment
bedroom in Scandi-boho apartment
bedroom in apartment  with Scandi-boho style
Via HIstoriska Hem: photo Fredric Boukari: Styling; Karin Ahlqvist
How about this lovely mix of Scandinavian and Bohemian in this small Stockholm apartment? Wow! Just full of beautiful midcentury modern furniture and decor and lovely boho elements throughout. The artwork, books and interesting collections not only add personality and charm but they create a really cosy environment. Does this home turn your ideas of Nordic style on its head? So much packed into one 45 metre square apartment! I can imagine myself feeling right at home here. How about you?