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Bright and Airy Swedish Apartment With Bespoke Plywood Furniture

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Kitchen in Gothenburg apt. with bespoke plywood Kitchen in Gothenburg apt. with bespoke plywood 2Dining area of Swedish  apt with bespoke plywood furnishingsBespoke plywood cabinets in Gothenburg apt. Livingroom in airy Gothernburg apt. Ariy Swedish apartment Bedroom of Swedish apartment with bespoke plywood furniture througout
Children's room with bespoke plywood furniture
Husman Hagberg via Ems Design Blog

I am seriously crushing on this turn-of-the-century apartment in Gothenburg. I just love the use of plywood throughout the home. Bespoke plywood cabinets in almost every room and even the flooring in the children's room is covered with the warm unpretentious wood. 

The kitchen is open airy and welcoming. The lack of upper cabinets helps to keep things feeling spacious. It just confirms my desire to take down my uppers. I have always loved the idea of having a variety of dining chairs, mostly because I can't decide on which chairs I like most. The white walls and limited well-edited artwork that does not overwhelm but just casually dots the space creates a calm and cosy atmosphere.

I am taking a lot of inspiration from here for my own home. 
How about you? Anything here that inspires you?