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Detail of couch in small Swedish apartment Living room of small Swedish apartment
Cozy one-room apartment in SwedenCozy bed in small Swedish apartment Workspace in small Swedish apartment Desktop of workspace in Swedish apartment Cozy dining area in small Scandinavian apartment Detail of vanity in small Scandinavian apartmetn Beautiful entryway in tiny Scandinavian apartment
Source: Stadshem via Decor Dots and Only Deco Love  

I seem to be crushing on these small Scandinavian apartments lately. I just love the idea of having everything within reach. The white walls and floors help to contribute to the spaciousness. With just the right amount of art on the walls to add detail without being overwhelming the apartment manages to feel uncluttered and roomy despite its mere 36 square meters. The colour palette which is tight and consistent and the textural elements from the rugs and covers, help to add warmth without visual clutter. I love that this room can accommodate a dining table as well as a work table. Does this make you want to downsize? What item could you not do without no matter the size of you home? For me, it's a dining table... I have to have at least a table for 2.