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There is always something new at Noma. Copenhagen-based Noma is not only one of the world’s best restaurants, it is one of the world’s most interesting, creative, and in my opinion, best-looking restaurants. Since it opened in 2003 Claus Meyers, along with René Redzepi didn’t rediscover Nordic cuisine, they reinvented it. No news there.

René Redzepi at Noma
René Redzepi at Noma

Gastronomical creativity is what always keeps this team at the forefront and on the move. Last year the whole Noma team, including dishwashers, wait staff and chefs, as well as their families, moved the restaurant for a stint in Japan, an experience in which they expanded their tastes, life experiences and mindsets. This January they’re doing the same for 10 weeks in Australia! Imagine what the team will come up with foraging through the Australian landscape.

Dish from Noma
served on handmade ceramics by Danish company KH Würtz   


Noma Restaurant
Noma restaurant 

Meanwhile, during the crew’s trip to Down Under, the 300-year-old warehouse, that is the usual home for the restaurant, will be the setting for the pop up of the newest member of the Noma family: 108. Now that's news! 

Team for Noma's new reastaurant 108.

Headed by General Manager Thomas Østergaard Bagge, Chef Kristian Baumann and Restaurant Manager Jacob Møller, 108 is intended to be a place for families who need a quick midweek dinner, as well as for those who are looking for an engaging Friday night with friends and want to linger longer and experience a more in-depth exploration of what the restaurant has to offer. 108 will remain true to Noma’s roots, as Chef Baumann explains, “I want to keep exploring; creating the essence of an urban restaurant; one with a proximity to nature, to farms, and to the vibes of the city”.

Dish at 108
A fishcake made from pollock, served with a mussel & parsley sauce, toasted seaweed and salted plums.

What is also news is that by the end of December 2016 Noma will be serving its last meal. What? Well, not to panic, there is some good news here too; they are set to relocate, a bike ride away, to a spot in CPH where they experiment further while having enough land to grow their own food.

René explains it best here. Watch the entirety. You won't be disappointed. 

Noma restaurant
Noma interior 

 I can’t say I’m not saddened to hear Noma will be closing their doors. I’ve been to Noma, well…. not inside to eat, but I’ve been outside looking in. Not at the window, that would be creepy, but I just wanted to know where to go if I did find myself flush with enough krones to afford the experiment. But I am really excited for 108. I don’t think I’ll make it to DK in time while they are in the Noma residence, (for 13 weeks starting January 20, 2016) but I will surely be able to catch them at 108 Strandgade. And I am also truly anticipating “Noma’s” new venue and all that it will bring to the Nordic table. I can’t wait to see what’s next.